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Showing 3/25/17


The Job will be premiering at
The Twin Valley Players Colonnade 269 Center St, Millersburg, Pennsylvania 17061 on March 25, 2016 for 11:00AM.   Hope to see you there, its a FREE event.  Copies of the film will be on sale for $10 on DVD (2 disk set with a lot of extras).

We are fully dedicated to making faith and family based films that will make you think and feel.  Jesus Christ is the center of each and every film we produce.

We are a not for profit ministry which is completely dependent on volunteers to be cast, crew, and funding.

If you love the visual arts and love to make films, please contact us and tell us about yourself.  We are always looking for any film related talent to further the ministry.

God Speed


Writer/Director/Producer of NHP